Our Agents keep up to 90% of the commissions they earn. Our philosophy is simple. If the agents are doing all of the work, why should they pay a broker 50% of their earnings?

Agent Commission Model

All Sales Agents start on a 70/30 commission split and are raised to a 90/10 commission split as soon as they Gross only $30,000 for the fiscal year! 


All rental commissions are always 80/20!


There is a small $20 fee per closed deal that goes towards the company’s Errors and Omissions insurance coverage.


Example: If an Agent earns $20,000 while on a 70/30 split, they are paid $14,000 less $20.  If an Agent earns $20,000 while on a 90/10 split, they are paid $18,000 less $20.  It really is that simple!

Location, Location, Location

Let’s face it, with smartphones, tablets, and laptops, we are all mobile. The days of only servicing the area directly around the office you work for are over. Agents are provided with a modern office to work out of, but they are free to practice anywhere in the state of New York from their home office, car, favorite café with a wifi connection, etc.

Become a Mentor

Experienced agents that enjoy teaching new agents how to be successful can choose to become a paid mentor for RealTegrity while still working as an agent themselves. If you can handle it, we encourage it!


We take pride in helping both new and experienced Agents sharpen their skills with a one on one mentorship program. All agents licensed less than one year are required to partake in our mentorship program until they complete their first sales deal. The mentorship program is available for all agents, regardless of their experience and length of time in the industry.

Too Good to Be True?

We understand you may be skeptical. Our business model isn’t the norm and it’s not for everyone. The best way to determine if we are a good “fit” for you to start or continue your real estate career would be to give us chance to sell us on you! Contact Robert J. Swiderski, Principal Broker, to set up a brief interview: 917-623-8874 or RSwiderski@RealTegrityNY.com.