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Handling Probate Issues Is NEVER Easy!

First, there are usually the obvious emotional aspects of the situation. Often, the person chosen as the executor or personal representative to deal with the deceased person’s probate issues is also someone who is still grieving over the loss of that loved one or friend. Then, that same person is faced with the added challenge of having to make many decisions in areas in which they have no previous experience.

These decisions must also be made with the added pressure of knowing that whatever the results of these decisions are, they will likely be very closely scrutinized and (all too frequently) second-guessed by family and/or friends. Couple this with the legitimate concern that everything must be handled “legally and properly” as well as all the horror stories about probates that have gone badly and the pressure and stress really begins to multiply.

Even if there is no real estate in the matters to be disposed of by the personal representative or executor, this is a big undertaking and when Real Estate is involved, the load is compounded.



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